Senin, 01 Februari 2010


Wayang Golek is a sundanese traditional puppet from west java, Indonesia. Made from albasiyah wood. Carved and painted extremely detail and wearing clothes. All hand made. Played by one person, called Dalang. The Dalang manipulate voice of many characters of the puppet, moves its head, hands and its body, so it looks alive. The show itself called Pagelaran Wayang Golek. Accompanied by gamelan players, traditional music instrument, a sinden (female singer) and an alok (male singer). Usually it takes 6-7 hours all night. The story is taken from Mahabrata (Descendant of Bharata) and Ramayana (Adventure of Rama) story, but been decreased and been added, been suited with local culture, Sundanese culture. The pagelaran wayang golek usually performed in a ceremony of circumcision, wedding, inauguration, private or company. It's full of education & entertainment.

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