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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Our first impression through the gates of the campus IT Telkom is a clean, spacious, and comfortable. as a visitor, we felt like 'home'. The atmosphere is so academic, attached to the appearance of students. unlike most other campuses, students there wear white, navy blue. we went about observing every corner of the campus, as well as find information on the information. based on the info available at the information we know about the facilities and advantages of this campus.

Institut Teknologi Telkom (Telkom IT) - formerly named STT Telkom - is the first institution in Indonesia specializing in the field study program "Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). IT Telkom is projected to prepare experts in the field of ICT, skilled and insightful businesses, in response to the demands of the development of the ICT industry which is so rapid.


Educational programs in IT Telkom is designed to produce graduates who are able to jump and quickly adapt in the ICT industry sector, because since the beginning of IT Telkom has implemented a pattern Link and Matc. The pattern is realized in the Intensive Learning system (face to face, responsiveness & practicum) combined with field work in the form of rehearsal and Internship program (Co-op).


Faculty of Electrical and Communications

1.Program S1 Telecommunication Engineering Studies

S1 2.Program Studies Computer Engineering

3.Program S1 Electrical Engineering Studies

4.Program D3 Telecommunication Engineering Studies

Faculty of Industrial Engineering

1.Program S1 Industrial Engineering Studies

2.Program S1 Study Information System

Faculty of Informatics

S1 Study 1.Program Information Engineering

2.Program D3 Engineering Informatics study

Faculty of Science

1. S1 Study Program Computational Science

2.Program S1 Engineering Physics Studies

Graduate Faculty

1. S2 Study Program Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications

2. S2 Information Engineering Study Program


As the Universities in the field of Engineering, the learning process also takes place in the laboratory. Currently, IT Telkom has 44 laboratories spread over four (4) faculty; Electro and Communications, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology and Science.

Academic Facilities.

• Lecture Room: equipped with a Multimedia Projector.

• Library (http://www.ittelkom.ac.id/library) with facilities and types of services:

1. Services lending collection of books, academic support, in Science, Telecommunications Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, and Information Engineering

2. Reference and Periodical Service, Service Audio Visual Services, VCD / ROM and Computer

3. Journal services online: ProQuest and EBSCO

• Infocom Career Development Center

• Boarding: This facility is provided primarily for new students. Girls dormitory with a capacity of 243 people ready for habitation conditions.

• Multimedia Access: Hotspot / Global Access to the radius range of 2 km, Book, E-Learning.


To enhance and customize the competence and skills of students and alumni of the Telkom IT student will receive services such as:

• Got Potential Psychological Assessment services Individuals: Free

• Following the test to obtain a certificate Classic Proficiency Test (EprT): Free

• Getting an English course: Free

• Have a certified Skills Training International in the field of ICT.


Post Office, Worship Facilities, Sports and Arts Facilities, Student Cooperatives, Banks & ATMs, Diner, Public Telecommunications, Center for Student Activities and Official Software Based on Microsoft Campus Agreement.


Campus IT Telkom

Jl. Telecommunications, Canal Buah Batu, Bandung 40257

Tel. 022-7564500, 7564108 (hunting)

Fax. 022-7562721

Website http / / www.ittelkom.ac.id

CONTACT PERSONPart of Marketing and Admissions IT Telkom

Maya Setiawati Tel. 022-76120996, Hp. 08122349609, email maya@ittelkom.ac.id

For those of you who are interested to develop your career, IT Telkom is a promising option.

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